Manna's Volunteers

     If you are reading this page it may mean that you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a volunteer at Manna.  Manna Storehouse is a place where you work to be the hands and heart of Jesus to the people in need in Parker County.  Our volunteers are blessed to be working in very real and concrete ways that none of us could do by ourselves.


     Manna has been serving this county since 1985.  It has remained different than most other non-profit organizations in that we are still a 100% volunteer agency and we are still church based.  Every time one of us enters the Manna doors we represent the church where we hold membership. What we do at Manna is a very real part of our discipleship and witness as Christians.


     Manna is supported by a twelve-member Board of Directors, each of whom is elected for a three-year term. Each local church in the county is invited to send two representatives, the pastor and a designated lay person to the Board meetings.


     Manna Storehouse would not survive without volunteers.  Some volunteers work many hours each month and other work only a few.  All are valued as we work together to accomplish a great work of goodness in the name of Jesus Christ.


     Any interested person is always welcome visit our main office Monday - Friday 10am-2pm or visit our contact page for more information.