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Manna's Volunteers


     If you are reading this page it may mean that you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a volunteer at Manna.  Manna Storehouse is a place where you work to be the hands and heart of Jesus to the people in need in Parker County.  Our volunteers are blessed to be working in very real and concrete ways that none of us could do by ourselves.


     Manna has been serving this county since 1985.  It has remained different than most other non-profit organizations in that we are still a 100% volunteer agency and we are still church based.  Every time one of us enters the Manna doors we represent the church where we hold membership. What we do at Manna is a very real part of our discipleship and witness as Christians.


     Manna is supported by a twelve-member Board of Directors, each of whom is elected for a three-year term. Each local church in the county is invited to send two representatives, the pastor and a designated lay person to the Board meetings.


     Manna Storehouse would not survive without volunteers.  Some volunteers work many hours each month and other work only a few.  All are valued as we work together to accomplish a great work of goodness in the name of Jesus Christ.


     Any interested person is always welcome visit our main office Monday - Friday 10am-2pm or visit our contact page for more information.


Attached is a detailed breakdown of our organization with details of our opera5tion and all the different volunteer positions. Thanks for thinking of Manna Storehouse

First of all, Manna Storehouse is a completely “All Volunteer” organization.  We rely completely on our volunteer’s consistent participation.  And like every organization, people come and go. Several of our longest active volunteers have been associated with Manna for nearly 50 years.

Manna has nearly doubled in size over the past 2 decades, in clients, donations, and volunteers.

We are now at a point,  due to changes in our operation, that we need new volunteers.

Manna’s normal mode of operation is to provide food, furniture, clothes and sometimes, depending on the situation, financial assistance with Pharmaceuticals or utilities to Families in Parker Count in need of  temporary help.

All of these items are provided by monetary donations from businesses, private Trust, or individuals, plus some support from Salvation Army.

Another major portion of the operation comes from Massive Donations of clothes, furniture, household items, books, small and large appliances, microwaves and beds and bedding.  Plus, anything else you can think of. We accept nearly everything that is clean and usable with the exceptions of old-style TV’s, or any appliance over five years old.

How do these donations help our clients, you may ask? 

That is where our volunteers are needed.  As load of donations arrive, we unload the truck and start the sorting process.  Clothes go to a clothing sorting area, furniture is placed in the warehouse (space permitting, all household items are divided into dishware, books, blankets, bedding, material, toys, shoes and miscellaneous.  Our volunteers’ further sort to usable, unusable to Manna, or trash, or recycled.  Item’s that are not usable to Manna, are packaged and sent to the American Veterans in Dallas (AMVET). We normally provide a truckload every week to help that worthwhile organization. 

Now here is where the clients are involved.  Clients can receive an allotted amount of Food, Clothing, furniture, or household item, i.e. dishes, beds or bedding as needed.  Of course, we have a lot of items remaining that we cannot provide to our clients. This is where our bi-monthly Garage Sales come into play. We operate three sale areas that are open to the public with our excess items reasonably priced.  100% of the money that is received at our garage sales is used for buying food for our clients and helping with our building maintenance. So, the cycle is complete.

Back to our volunteers.  Manna Storehouse operates daily Monday – Friday- from 10 am to 2 pm. So, if you have 4 hours available once or twice a week, we could sure use your help. We can show you all our diverse work areas available, some of which you would surely enjoy.

Here is a summary of some of our work areas.

1.    Working directly with clients, evaluating each situation and providing the necessary assistance.


2.    Food pantry. Stock the pantry with incoming food purchases, Provides food daily according to the family size and need.


3.    The Warehouse is the first line acceptance of donated items. This requires evaluation of acceptable items and starts the sorting process.  Also, requires some medium, occasionally heavier lifting.


4.    Working the repair area. Anything with a plug or electronic comes through this area for evaluation. We fix it if possible.


5.    The Distribution area. Sorts and distributes items to the appropriate work areas.


6.    Book Area. Review all incoming books to determine usability or recycled.  Also support garage sale books display and sales.


7.    Clothing Sorting. Sorts clothing into sizes and seasons. Stocking the Client clothing room and sending some to AMVET. This is a huge job. 


8.    Toys. Toys are mainly sold at the garage sales. However, they are all checked for cleanliness and operation.  Any excess toys are sent to AMVET.


9.    Dish ware. Sort and collate matching dishes, silverware, and other cooking items. Check for cleanliness.


10. Blankets and Fabrics. Sort all incoming materials.


11.  Records, Tapes, CD’s DVD’s Jigsaw puzzles. Sort and clean. These usually are sold at the garage sale.


12. Finally, our largest area requiring volunteers. The Garage Sale.

          Our garage Sales operate at predetermined dates on Friday and sometimes Saturday.  Friday, we operate from 7am to 2 pm. And Saturday we operate from 9am to 1 pm.  Preparation for the garage sale requires many volunteers setting up displays, pricing and organizing.  Then on sale day, it requires about 20 plus volunteers throughout the day.

So, if you are interested in helping out this fine organization with one or more positions, please come in to visit us at 129 E. Spring Street, and talk with our volunteers in the main office, and they will get you started.  Thanks for your consideration.

39th Annual Volunteer Luncheon


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