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Items Unacceptable To Donate.

The following items are unacceptable and can not be used by Manna or our clients.  This limitation due to health department regulations, our limited space, and excessive bulk trash expenses.  Thank you for your cooperation.  No exceptions. 

1. Any furniture that is in need of repair or cleaning, is ripped, stained, or has excessive wear.

2. Composite board furniture that is weak, been wet, or has been disassembled.

3. Any of the following items that are over 5 years old cannot be taken:

     a. Televisions (Only flat screen, operational TV's accepted)

     b. Computers and Computer Monitors

     c. Exercise Equipment

     d. Refrigerators

     e. Washer/Dryers

     f.  Stoves

4.Hazardous materials, flammable or combustible items.


5. Inoperable Outdoor lawn equipment.

6. Bedding that is soiled, stained, torn or has bedbugs. (i.e. If you would sleep on it we will take it.)

7.  Additional list of unacceptable items.

-Used bathtubs/toilets                                    -  Swing sets

-Wire clothes hangers                                     -  Hospital Beds

-Used shower doors                                        -  Hot Tubs

-Waterbeds                                                       -  Unframed Mirrors

-Pianos/Organs                                                -  Metal Desks

-Used tires/Auto parts                                    -  Conference tables

-Xerox Machines                                              -  Pool Tables

-Typewriters                                                     -  Entertainment Centers

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