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Manna Storehouse Volunteers

Do it again!!!   2015

(And 660 Families in Parker County are glad they did).

On Saturday November 21st through November 24th our local Manna Volunteers distributed complete Thanksgiving Dinners consisting of  Turkeys, Hams, Corn muffins, Corn, Cranberry sauce, Yams, Fruit Cocktail and finally Pumpkin Pie to 660  families throughout Parker County.  This operation takes months of planning to assure everyone who needs it gets the benefit of the meal.  This year, our dedicated volunteer,  Mr. John Long with support of 10 members of the First Methodist Men’s organization, headed up the continued Thanksgiving tradition which started nearly 21 years ago.

The huge operation further demonstrates Manna Storehouse’s Motto of “Serving Those In Need”.

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