Manna Storehouse Volunteers giving excess Crutches, walkers and other medical devices to Fellow non-Profit "Beautiful Feet Ministries", in Ft Worth. "Beautiful Feet" provides Food,medical and other services to Local Homeless and needy persons.  Two great worthwhile organizations


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Manna Storehouse in Weatherford provide Turkey Dinners for Thanksgiving

Volunteers from Manna Storehouse and surrounding churches are providing Turkey Dinners for Parker County residents that need a little assistance during this Thanksgiving season.  The complete mixings for the dinner plus a whole turkey are being given away Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10am until 2 pm.  We estimate that 600 meals will be given out.  Thanks to all who made this possible.



Eagle Scout Project – Zachary Conner

Manna Storehouse of Weatherford Texas has been assisting the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout Project (the Scout’s highest level of accomplishment), by providing project ideas for the scouts to plan, organize, assemble materials, and construct the final project.  All along though, the prospective Eagle Scout must provide extensive details, make detailed presentations and get numerous approvals from the Eagle Scout committee.   

Eagle Scout Zachary Conner, Aledo high school senior from Scout Troop #31, Brazos River District, recently completed such a project for Manna.  We at Manna Storehouse continuously accept donations from the community to provide for Parker County people in need.  These items are distributed as requested, and the remaining items are provided at bimonthly garage sales to raise money for food and occasionally pharmacy or electric assistance.  We receive thousands of books each year and organizational storage has always been a problem.  Zachary, along with his Scout Troop #31, has used his skills and leadership techniques to provide us with a book storage area. It is being use and appreciated.  All volunteers at Manna appreciate your hard work and dedication.  Thank you Zach.



Eagle Scout Project-Jason Overton

Manna Storehouse has recently been involved with helping several Boys Scouts work towards earning their Eagle Scout badges (The highest honor) by doing projects for us to help smooth our daily operations.  One recent project was performed by Jason Overton from Boy Scout Troop 301. Jason’s project was to design, build and install some storage shelves for Manna to store items that are to be used at follow on seasonal garage sales.  For example, we gather donated Christmas items throughout the year, give some as requested to our clients, and put the remaining on display for sale during the Christmas season.  Storage is always a concern for us and thanks to Jason and his leadership, he has relived some of those problems. 

Jason spent many hours designing the project, then guiding it though a detailed Eagle Scout approval process.  An Eagle Scout project requires the scout to solicit the donations of money and supplies to begin a production.  He was very successful with Lowes and Home Depot obtaining the necessary materials.  The shelves were then produced at an offsite facility, and then assembled at our facility by many of the scout troop members with Jason’s guidance.  Many manhours are required to complete a project of this extent.

We certainly appreciate Scout Jason and Troop 301 for their kind assistance helping Manna help those in need. All of us Manna Storehouse volunteers thank you Jason.


Paige Norland, Assistant Principle and Counselor Julie West are bringing donated food for Manna Storehouse from the Peaster Elementary School food drive.  We thank all who participated. 

One of Manna Storehouse's many individual donations.  Here is a representative from Weatherford's  Titlemax Company donating a  supply of food for the upcoming holidays.  A thanks to all.



 Poolville High School completes Food Drive.  Thanks to All who Donated