Manna Storehouse
Garage Sale Schedule
            August  (1st Monday) Sale, -      July 29th , July 30th
                 Mid-August Sale,       August 12th  
            Sept (1st Monday ) Sale , –         September 2nd , 3rd
                Mid-September Sale,         September 16th   
                   **October (1st Monday) Sale –         September 30th ,October 1st 
                   Mid-October Sale,     October 14th   
                 Nov.  (1st  Monday)  Sale,  –       November 4th,and 5th  
               Mid-November Sale,       November 18th  
        December(1st Monday)Sale-     December 2nd, 3rd
               Mid-December Sale,       December 16th   
**Bag Sale – All Clothing and Accessories, $10.00 / Large Garbage Bag
                                                                   (We fill the bag)
Times:  Fridays - 7am – 2pm, Saturdays - 9am – 1pm.
Addresses: 129 E. Spring Street, Weatherford TX.
                     120 E. Bridge Street, Weatherford TX.
Website: mannastorehouse.org,  
Facebook: Manna Storehouse Weatherford
Email: storehousemanna@gmail.org

Three (3) Sale Areas 

1. Main Sale area - Behind Manna Bldg 

2. Large Donation Door area.

3. Southeast sales area(Jack's Place). Green Double Doors on Southeast Corner